Our main goal is the quality of our products and, that is why, our production line works daily on
our clients’ orders, thus being able to have an exclusive dedication to each one of them.  

We have the IFS (International Food Standard) Quality Protocol.



From the collection to the end of the final product, we develop an efficient quality control process. The first step is to stock up on a raw material of first quality and totally natural. We analyze its appearance, salinity, pH, caliber, …

Subsequently, and once the product is packaged, we carry out another more detailed analysis process, with more exhaustive controls to offer the maximum guarantee and quality in all our products.  


The olive is the fruit of the olive tree and is taken during the months of September-October, mostly varieties, although some variety is harvested in winter months.  
The olive is caught at its point of seasoning and optimum ripening to subject it to different and suitable elaborations that will give rise to a product ready for consumption.  
Our production is focused on two lines of work, one more artisan, applied to a fresh product, without mechanisms that alter it and available in a wide range of plastic / PET formats, and another line focused on a more mechanized packaging system that It allows us to obtain longer products and available in different formats.